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ALL parents should be educated in these statistics and both the parents and the kids should be educated on how to avoid it from happening!

"Child molestation is a national crisis."
- CNN Special Report

"Abduction was the number one topic among third-graders."
- Newsweek magazine

"One in 42 children will become a missing child."- Time magazine

"The one thing you can count on: there is a child molester watching."
- NBC´s The Crusaders

According to the U.S. Department of Justice:

Four million child molesters reside in the U.S.

A typical molester will abuse between 30 and 60 children before they are arrested - and as many as 380 during their lifetime.

One in three girls and one in seven boys will be molested at least once before age 18.

There is, on average, one child molester per square mile (so, in a county of 2,000 sq. miles there are 2,000 possible problems).

There are an estimated 63,000 convicted first-time offenders of child molestation in California alone. Statistics show that these offenders are four times more likely than other violent criminals to recommit their crime.

Our children MUST be educated to understand what to do when confronted. This understanding is way beyond kicking, punching as grappling! Parents, teachers, group leaders, politicians as well as martial art instructors should be educating children on what to do when a predator is stalking them. They must first recognize it and to be suspicious of it, just for starters. None of us want to go through this type of us at 203-596-9073 or e-mail us at if you want us to help your child to be educated in martial arts and child abduction prevention. Prevention is the best medicine!

If you would like to discuss this problem and prevent it from becoming an epidemic go to the Child Abduction Prevention forum and tell us your ideas. The more we educate the public to educate our children, we will see less of this occurring! We welcome law enforcement, parents and others who want to be involved with this section of our forum for prevention ideas and other related issues!


Children's martial arts, fitness and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes

Practical Self Defense Training Center

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