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The PSDTC Was Established in 1988

An education in martial science as well as martial art!

A literal university of many martial art styles right here in Waterbury!


Click here to see information on Inosanto Kali and Pekiti Tirsia Kali Click here to see information on Inosanto Kali and Pekiti Tirsia Kali Cick here to see information on Kun Tao Dumpag Click here to see information on Jun Fan Gung Fu/ Jeet Kune Do, Mixed Martial arts, MMA fighting, Muay Thai Click here to see a blend of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Russian Sombo, Shoot Wrestling, Judo, Kuntao, Silat adn Dumog for just grappling, Mixed Martial Arts, MMA fighting or self defense purposes
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Special Programs

Training Videos from past workshops:

PSDTC Workshop Highlights Volume 1: Grappling & MMA Workshop - Details...

Missed a workshop? Or if you attended a workshop you would like a video of it? Or just interested in learning more about various martial art styles? Keep in touch with us, we have many more videos coming out soon!

To be on the mailing list for upcoming events and new video releases,

contact Ron - or call 203-596-9073 or 203-802-8533


Workshops & Events

For the average person as well as the experienced martial artist looking for knowledge enhancement in different martial arts, Mixed Martial Arts fighting (MMA), different grappling styles, child safety and/or women's self defense, please look at the links below to see if there is is workshop near you or a time that is convenient for you to attend. If you see any of the subjects taught by Ron that is of interest to you or if you would like a workshop on one of the listed subjects below taught at your school feel free to contact Ron at  (Workshops are held at the PSDTC unless otherwise noted.  Directions...)

Please note that we accept MasterCard and Visa for your convenience for workshop registration as well as clothing and training gear purchases.

Here is an example video of one of our annual workshops done at the beginning of every year for long distant students:








>>Kali Seminar<<

<PART 2>




Practical Self Defense Training Center

847 Hamilton Ave

Waterbury, CT





This Kuntao event will be canceled this year due to my son fighting that weekend for a championship MMA fight. I have to be there. However, I will be scheduling a 2 day Kuntao seminar soon so you do not miss out.

Thank you and stay in touch.



Our Annual In-Tents Kuntao camp will be coming up in:

July 28th, 29th and 30th 2017

This is one of our summer annual events that is always a big one.

If you are into learning Filipino martial arts, you will not want to miss out on this one. 


602 Southford Rd

Southbury, Connecticut

11 acres where you can pitch a tent to eat and sleep then train all day...and have fun.

Yes, July is hot. We solved that problem, there is a big in-ground pool to dive into in between training to cool off. There is also a pavilion to train under in case of rain.

It would be crazy to miss out on this event!


Click here for more information...



Child Abduction Prevention

Attention all schools grades, kindergarten to 8th grade as well as all other children's programsWe are very experienced in teaching Child Abduction Prevention. We have been in many local Connecticut newspapers as well as NBC news for our Child Abduction Prevention Programs we have done in the past due to the fact that this is vital for every parent and child to understand. It is important that children are educated on how to avoid this from happening to them. If you are interested in having us teach this program to your children please contact us at 203-596-9073 or 203-802-8533 or e-mail us at Prevention is the best medicine and education on this subject is a great start!

More information on child abduction prevention and our other children's martial arts programs...


Private/Semiprivate Specialty Workshops

If you are interested in having Ron teach a workshop at your place of business, grade school, high school, college, corporation, club, organization or martial art school, contact Ron at

Our Specialty Workshops Are:

We also offer long distant training courses for those interested in becoming an eventual instructor or for those who just want to add to their existing martial art knowledge! You own a martial art school and you want to learn one of these styles, feel free to call 203-596-9073 or 203-802-8533 or e-mail We have a fantastic Long Distant Student Program!


Also, here are just one of the testimonials from people from all over that attend the PSDTC workshops by Ron Kosakowski If you look around the forum, you will see many more from the different seminars and workshops held at the PSDTC as well as elsewhere!


Picture taken from an early 2006 Jeet Kune Do workshop taught by Ron Kosakowski at the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury, Connecticut. People come from all over for these workshops to train here due to the unique combination of martial arts and the self defense potential behind these martial arts. E-mail Ron at if you want to be on the mailing list to attend these workshops and be part of our group!


Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do, Kuntao, Kali, Arnis, Escrima MMA & Integrated Grappling Systems
847 Hamilton Ave (Rt 69).
Waterbury, Connecticut 06706
203-596-9073 or 203-802-8533





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