This 1st picture is of 2 American soldiers shooting at Osama. Notice the bullets traveling through his body. (Jesse had explained this to me) We are not here for an art award, he was only 5 when he drew this. But it does get the point across!

Picture #2 below, shows the soldiers walking away from Osama's dead body after they killed him. The old adage is, a picture is a 1000 words. Well that old adage is right on with these pictures!

I hope you are able to see and understand these pics. I had a hard time scanning and getting quality out of a picture that is drawn through the programs I use. I am still new at this web page development stuff. Also I do understand this is not information on the Practical Self Defense Training Center but it is "combat oriented." After all, how many 5 year olds know what is going on in the news or outside their own little world in general. I think his mind is in the right place. His goal is to get Osama himself when he gets old enough. Hopefully they get him way before today!


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