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847 Hamilton Ave (Rt 69).
Waterbury, CT 06706
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Kuntao as taught by Ron Kosakowski

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  For the amount of finger manipulation techniques there are in Kun Tao, it could be considered an art form with in itself!Kuntao (some times spelled Kuntaw, Kuntau, Kun Tao among a few other ways in SE Asia, is an ancient Filipino warrior system considered to be indigenous to the Philippines that consists of a very vicious approach to engaging in a conflict. This of course, makes Kuntao extremely realistic, together with being a tremendously practical and efficient fighting martial art for modern time self-defense use. With various open hand striking methods and low line kicks combined with tearing at the

eyes, groin, lips and throat along with nerve attacks and joint destruction’s. These are  followed up with a variety of grabbing methods to a choice of take downs and off balancing methods that make this style of Kuntao very unique and lately, in big demand all over the world.


Kuntao, as it is taught at the Practical Self Defense Training Center is definitely a style that has to be seen to be believed. Kuntao is the ONLY style of Kuntao in the United States recognized by the Philippine elders of Kuntao, Ali Sharief andRon and Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje with the council of Kuntao Grand Masters from the Tausag and Maranao tribes in the Philippines

the Kuntao council of Grand Masters of the Maranaw and Maguindanao tribes in Mindanao, Philippines.


Everyone who has looked at this Kuntao style usually wants to learn the whole system due to the fact that it is a great science and you definitely reach those stages where you can feel the progression within yourself as time goes on. It is a feeling This is a favorite takedown for most Kun Tao can easily get addicted to because it feels good to have that feeling of accomplishment. After every rank advancement test, that is especially a time where everyone feels better in both mind and body about their skills in Kuntao; a progression is very noticeable. Each test is very stressful requiring some good endurance and mental stability. It is very mentally and physically demanding but very worth while achieving due to the gains!


Kuntao is a grappling range fighting style, but not a wrestling The end result is usually a fatal one in Kun, due to the fact that all joint manipulation and off balancing your opponents body is usually accomplished through pain compliance to help gain leverage advantage over an opponent.

In other words, it is most effective in the clench. People at a higher level of skill can control an individual rather easily without pain compliance.


Kuntao had a major influence of many of the empty hand combat methods throughout the Southeast Asian area including Malaysian and Indonesian Silat in addition to the empty hands like Pangkamut, Panantukan in the Philippines. You can see some the resemblances in the empty hand aspects of Kali/Dumog, though you can definitely see what gives Kuntao its individualistic distinctiveness. Due to the many levels of extremes this system can be brought to, it is found to be a favorite among military personnel, police, correctional officers.


This style of Kuntao is especially useful for women looking for a self-defense system to train in that doesn't just give them a false sense of security, and if practiced well, Kuntao will work in all possible street oriented confrontations. It is hard to find a martial art style that preserves ancient fighting methods that can fit in modern time altercations now a days! Kuntao, as it is taught at the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury, CT, is without a doubt that style. It is the ultimate self defense style for everyone regardless of size and strength.

Kuntao has been taught to law enforcement and military personnel all over the US for many years!
Below, you can see Kuntao is being taught to the Special Action Force Commandos in the Philippines by Ron Kosakowski.


Below you can see the knife throwing methods unique to Kuntao. Notice the precise body positioning during each throw!


"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work."

- Emile Zola


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Kun Tao/Kuntao/Kuntaw
847 Hamilton Ave (Rt 69).
Waterbury, Connecticut 06706
203-596-9073 or 203-802-8533





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