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847 Hamilton Ave (Rt 69).
Waterbury, CT 06706

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Bruce Lee's actual training methods that get you into great shape while you achieve good quality technical self defense skills!

Women only martial art classes - Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 5:15 to around 6:15


Photo of Gina SantoroGina Santoro, instructor for the women's martial art & self defense class, is a highly qualified personal trainer in women's martial arts. She holds a few very prestigious ranks at the PSDTC and can be seen teaching a regular coed and women's Jeet Kune Do kickboxing and self defense classes!

If you are a woman who does not have time to attend regular classes and you would like Gina to do personal training with you, feel free to contact her with the e-mail information or phone number below:

E-mail Gina for women's martial art classes at 
Women's Martial Arts
- Practical Self Defense Training Center - 203-596-9073

Everyone now a days, knows how fanatic Bruce Lee was about the development of his own personal growth for getting into shape along with a superior, yet simple to do self defense skills for his personal martial art! Now you can learn Bruce Lee's actual work out routine, as it was taught to Ron Kosakowski by original Bruce Lee students Si Fu Larry Hartsell and Si Fu Dan Inosanto as well as a few other instructors of Jeet Kune Do (See Bio for more information on origin of martial art knowledge). Bruce Lee was a small man, so he had to be precise about his workout routines and techniques. He worked very hard to improve fighting abilities for simple self defense that people now a days realize anyone can do regardless of size and/or strength. His workout methods were way ahead of it's time; even to present time! 

         Gina teaching a women's Jeet Kune Do class

Gina Santoro, who is a certified instructor under Ron Kosakowski and Sifu Larry Hartsell (an original Bruce Lee student) in Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts, has been involved in many boring aerobic exercise routines, wants to express that this is far beyond the kickboxing aerobics other schools in the area are now teaching. There is an actual step by step progression to learn which will develop your skills for self defense as well as getting a incredible workout routine, which by the way, is the proper approach to doing Jeet Kune Do! She wants all women to understand that this class gives  women the full benefits of powerful techniques from Jeet Kune Do kickboxing which in turn also has fantastic self defense benefits as well!   

Much of the workout routines for Jeet Kune Do at Practical Self Defense Training Center are done with professional boxing and kickboxing equipment, 155 lb heavy bags and Thai boxing training gear. By making contact with this equipment you use different muscles in your body as opposed to just jumping up and down, kicking and punching in the air with absolutely no resistance to the muscles at all. The hitting of the different training equipment not only develops the proper muscles needed for an over all feeling of well being, but will ensure you the much needed proper self defense skills by just knowing what it is like to hit something. 

This PSDTC designed Jeet Kune Do class for women leans toward women's needs for good self defense, burning unwanted fat which gets you to feel good about yourself and also leads to self confidence. No men are allowed to participate in the women's Jeet Kune Do kickboxing class. This takes away the embarrassment and the feeling like your being watched while trying to focus on your own personal enhancement. There is no reason why anyone should experience shyness when performing techniques as a beginner. A feeling of comfort is is the energy felt within the atmosphere of this particular class, the way Gina teaches it.Doing Abdominal exercises is a part of her Jeet Kune Do workout.      

Jeet Kune Do is so vast with an obviously good scientific progression that works mainly on your endurance as well as your fighting skill; the training routines are changed often to prevent stagnation which in turn you will never find yourself to be bored ever in this class.         

Jeet Kune Do is a mental and physical science that fits the needs of anyone, female or male, younger or older. It is not just a collection of memorized movements like many martial arts consist of! Through regular participation in this class you will build endurance, speed, timing, rhythm, strength alertness and as mentioned before...self confidence. The self confidence comes from the powerful self defense skills that you develop from this class. You will also see that this class will not only will help increase your metabolism, which helps you burn fat more efficiently, but you will enhance your muscle tone to not only feel great but look great as well. A huge benefit from that is, your health will improve tremendously, which of course, is very important to acquire in any exercise program.
  Gina's form and body mechanics for Jeet Kune Do is picture perfect.        

The equipment you will need to do this class are bag gloves, hand-wraps and shin guards (which are all sold at the Practical Self Defense Training Center). And when you are ready to functionalize your newly acquired skills at a more advanced level, we can bring in other students wearing the padded gear on for you to utilize the head butts, elbows, palming, ear slapping and knee attacks that are commonly used in self defense situations. Being able to hit back hard is not only fun to do, you get a fantastic workout by doing this full contact hitting while in constant motion. We relate it to training equipment that keeps coming at you and this training method develops great self defense capabilities. 

All equipment you need for this Jeet Kune Do class can be purchased at the Practical Self-Defense Training Center. We sell only the safest high quality training equipment of which we ensure to have a lower price than you would find in a sporting goods stores or sport magazines and other training equipment catalogs.          

If you are looking for supplemental self-defense knowledge to go along with the Jeet Kune Do class, many women like to do a Filipino martial art taught at the Practical Self Defense Training Center called "Kun Tao." This class is taught on Tuesday nights, Thursday nights and Saturday mornings by Ron Kosakowski, legitimately the highest-ranking student of over 25 years under the late Grand Master Joe Rossi as of his death in 1998 (see the back button on your tool bar to get return to this page after you see the schedule). Both Jeet Kune Do and Kun Tao are well liked by people looking for realistic martial arts that works for every one of all strengths and sizes. There is a package deal to do both kinds of classes.

Speak with Gina Santoro if you are interested in both those classes. 



      gina and Ron do Jiu Jitsu together quite often. She cheats and adds her Kun Tao fighting most of the time to enhance her escapes. It just gives Ron something else to watch out for!      

Gina try's to put in as much time wrestling with her other half (Ron)

who is also her instructor. She is a firm believer that all women should 

learn how to wrestle. It's a bad position to be drawn into, but the 

knowledge of the grappling martial arts taught at the Practical Self 

Defense Training Center can save your life if you end up in that situation.


Gina does 5 Jeet Kune Do classes per week on top of doing all the other martial art classes.

Right after the women's classes and the 

kids classes, Gina trains in the Jeet Kune Do, 

Kali - Silat, Kun Tao and Jiu Jitsu classes, six days a week. 


She puts in more training time then almost everyone at the 

Practical Self Defense Training Center...and it shows. Since 1996, she has 

been with Ron Kosakowski to every workshop, demos, private sessions with long distant students and she goes with him to train with the many different instructors to almost every event he goes to.

An important point everyone should understand about Gina is that she is extremely fanatic about helping women get into shape and even more fanatic about making sure they learn how to be safe in this violent world!


Ron and Gina are unseperable partners for life!

Women's Martial Arts
Kickboxing and Self Defense

Practical Self Defense Training Center
847 Hamilton Ave (Rt 69).
Waterbury, Connecticut 06706






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