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Rape Prevention Seminar, February/2007

At this Rape Prevention workshop, you will see in the pictures how these girls learned to fight back and fight back hard. They started out learning some basic strikes on the focus mitts. Strikes like head butts, knees, elbows, finger jabs and a few different kicks. Then we teach them some various scenarios where those types of strikes will work. We reflex train them the best way we can in just a few hours and then the guys suited up to attack and try to take the girls down to the ground or cover their mouths and drag them away. Yes, the attackers actually are fighting back...they are not just going in with their arms extended like a walking punching bag!

Notice in the pictures below, the suit the attackers are wearing. They take quite a beating doing this so we use a motor cycle helmet and some old Fist Gear, which are all made to take the beating and to protect the attacker from all the girls strikes. The girls wear bag gloves so they don't hurt their hands slapping the ear and nose areas of the helmet. And they wear heavy duty elbow pads so they can elbow the head without hurting their elbows against the motor cycle helmet. All the scenario training is so they can go all out randomly at the end of the workshop and unload everything they have learned and trained in against their attacker.


Rape and abuse myths and facts...

Rape and abuse statistics every woman should know...

Woman's Jeet Kune Do Classes...

Want to discuss women's self defense issues with Ron Kosakowski, the other instructors at the PSDTC and other women interested in self defense? Click here to go to Women's Self Defense issues. Join our forum and feel free to bring up any self defense related subject you want to talk about or feel free just to ask questions. We would be happy to hear from you!

Sign up for our Rape Prevention seminar in Waterbury Connecticut... CLICK HERE for all information! 

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Also, if you are interested in holding a Women's Self Defense & Rape Prevention at your business or workplace or come to ours when we hold them at the Practical Self Defense Training Center, feel free to e-mail Ron, to be put on the e-mail list and how to host a workshop.


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